Ten months on!


Ten months ago, having made my decision to enter the Blogsphere, our life went into overdrive! We have managed to go through most of the rites of passage in that time. We knew that we had our first grandchild on the way in November, but hadn’t bargained on our daughter being very unwell with post pregnancy problems for most of his life so far. We knew that our youngest daughter was getting married in August (and that I was making her wedding dress!). But what we didn’t know was that my dad, who had been suffering from Vascular Dementia for far too many years, was about to enter the final months of his life, with all the care and support that entailed. His life journey came to an end peacefully at the beginning of April and we have entrusted him into the hands of God now, healed from his debilitating illness. It has been a roller-coaster of highs and lows, laughter and tears, memories of the past and the making of new memories for the future.

My big ongoing project throughout the whole of this time has been the making of my youngest daughter’s wedding dress. Sadly life was too hectic to be able to photograph much of the process as we would have liked, but I do plan to share photos and describe the process. It was such a privilege to be asked to make her dress, especially as she’s very stylish and gorgeous and has very fixed ideas about what she likes to wear.

However, back to the first happy event of these past 10 months, the birth of our little grandson on November 11th, Armistice Day. What a great birthday to have!  He has brought us more joy than we feel we deserve, but has certainly been our light in some of the sad and dark days around my dad’s death. He was definitely a gift to us for this time.

… and of course, his arrival has unleashed the grandma in me, and an excuse to sew and knit lots of tiny garments for him! I’m going to share some of my latest makes for him today and spend the next few weeks sharing current makes and makes I managed to fit in around all the things that have crowded in on us over these past months.

Armed with Burda 9748, I’ve been enjoying trawling the internet and fabric shops to make him some T-Shirts and Joggers. I’ve made views A & C. (I’m not keen on the sporty stripes on the sleeves and legs, so have omitted them)

Here’s his summer ’16 T-Shirt Collection, beginning with a dark navy & white Breton stripe very soft and stretchy jersey which I’ve had for ages and can’t remember where I got it from now.


And another stripey top … this time in turquoise and white, bought from the bargain section of my local fabric store for £2/m – Fine Fabrics in Hillsborough, Sheffield. Here he is modelling it for you, with the royal blue joggers from the same pattern. He and I seem to have co-ordinated our trousers in this one! His joggers are made from a lovely soft cotton interlock bought on e-bay.

And finally, the last two …

The first is made from a lovely soft jersey purchased from  Minerva Crafts. I lengthened the sleeves on this one. And the second, my absolute favourite, from a beautiful grey cotton jersey with a zoo animal print, bought from The Fabric Shop in Melrose, a lovely little town on the Scottish Borders. It’s a tiny shop, stacked high with the most gorgeous selection of fabrics.

I can make one of these in under an hour now! I photocopied the pattern on my printer and glued it together pdf pattern-style so that I can use it again to make the other sizes. It’s very satisfying to make something so gorgeous in such a short space of time and I love finishing it off with the snap fasteners on the raglan sleeve, which make for easy dressing.

Thank you for reading! I’d love to see what other mums and grandmas make for the special small people in their lives too.